Powerhouse Church of God in Christ Remembers our Founder

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

ROBERT J. ANDERSON was born July 12, 1936 in Garland City, Arkansas; He was the tenth child of sixteen children born to the union of the late Mr. Roosevelt and Mrs. Mary Anderson.

He attended and was educated through the public school system in Texarkana, AK. He would later move to Houston, TX in the 1950s’and would unite with the Norton Temple COGIC under the leadership of the late Pastor R. L. Norton.  The Lord saved him in 1957 and he continued to serve at Norton Temple COGIC until the Lord called him to preach. He furthered his Christian Education at the C. H. Mason Bible College and Moody Bible Institute where he received a Doctorate of Theology Degree.

On August 11, 1971, God placed on the heart of Elder Robert J. Anderson to go into the Buckingham Addition in the city of Houston to start a church. This small mission was located on Fitch Street and was dedicated by the Pastor and Founder of Norton Temple Church of God in Christ, the late Superintendent R. L. Norton.  During the dedication services it was asked “What is the name of the church?” It was the full intent of Pastor Anderson to name the church Bethany Church of God in Christ; however, before he could call it Bethany, the words “Powerhouse Church of God in Christ” came out. That has been the name ever since.  He also stated, “If we would keep the name, ‘Powerhouse,’ God would bless the church.”

Pastor Anderson started this church with his immediate family along with several other key members who became charter members and have continued to remain faithful followers of Powerhouse until this very day.  The following Tuesday night, he conducted a revival, and from the first week on, God has added to the church.  From that Tuesday night going forward, God has continued to bless Powerhouse numerically.  Pastor Anderson saw the growth of this church and began praying to seek God’s advice and guidance regarding the time and location to build God a larger and better edifice.

Through much perseverance, prayer and faith, God blessed their works with an edifice at the current location at 9118 Hirsch Road. As God would have it, He continued to bless Powerhouse numerically through the leadership of Pastor Anderson where the membership roster increased to over 300 members.

As the membership continued to increase, God gave Pastor Anderson another vision to expand. As an act of faith, Pastor Anderson began preparation of building a much larger edifice large enough to hold the ever increasing membership and to have a place where they all can worship. Just as God had given Moses a vision for the Israelites to the Promised Land, God gave Pastor Anderson the vision to build a larger sanctuary. Similarly, just as God did not allow Moses to cross over to the Promised Land, God did not allow Pastor Anderson to complete the vision He showed him.  On Monday, June 11, 2007, Pastor Anderson answered another call from God, this call was from labor to reward.  Although the Powerhouse Family suffered a great loss, we celebrate the life and legacy of one of God’s greatest pillars of the Church of God in Christ here in Texas. The spirit and legacy of SUPERINTENDENT DR. ROBERT J. ANDERSON lives on in the church he established and will continue to be the catalyst for many years to come.


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